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Harsh Truth About Human Nature #1 – All Men Are Pigs, All Women Are Whores

The vegan community is a tribe. The runners that meet at a. Evolutionary psychologists argue that ethnocentrism — the belief that our own culture, nation, or religion is superior to all others — aids survival by strengthening our bonds to our primary social groups and thus increasing our willingness to work, fight, and occasionally die for them.

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When things are going well, people feel pretty tolerant of other cultures and religions — they even feel pretty tolerant of the other sex! For the vast majority of human history, avoiding threats and potential losses has been a matter of life or death. Over time, our species learned to view the prospect of loss more powerfully than the possibility of gains.

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A solid example of this is the sunk cost fallacy. Sunk costs are investments that you cannot recover: time, money, and effort. For example, you go to a movie and within fifteen minutes you hate it. What would you do? Most people would stay, justifying the time it took to drive to the theatre and the cost of the ticket. Ignoring sunk costs is hard because losses hit us in the gut.

4 Truths About Human Nature Every Marketer Needs to Know Before Writing a Word of Copy

This is why ending a relationship that lasted for many years is so difficult and painful. I always viewed gossiping as one of the most depraved and fruitless human behaviors.

If you went through any kind of schooling, then you know how toxic and shame-ridden gossiping can be. It is usually the soil where lies are planted as seeds and begin to germinate as more people water their false opinions on it.

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  6. Wilson, in The Meaning of Human Existence , explained it well:. All human social behavior is based on prepared learning, but the intensity of the bias varies from one case to another as a product of evolution by natural selection. For example, human beings are born gossips. We love the life stories of other people, and cannot be sated with too much such detail. Gossip is the means by which we learn and shape our social network.

    But we have little or no interest in the life stories of animals—unless they are linked in some way to human stories. Dogs love others and yearn to return home, owls ponder, snakes sneak, and eagles thrill at the freedom of the open sky. Since we have powerful unconscious processes, this means that there are parts of our selves that are hidden from us.

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    The poet and priest, John Donne, illustrates this in his poetic reflection on human interrelatedness:. We are interconnected in so many ways, which should lead us to make decisions that benefit the broader community and not ourselves. It should teach us to value the people around us and, in love, help them blossom into who God made them to be.

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    Our welfare may depend on them. This is part of the doctrine of common grace. Although every aspect of human nature is impacted in some way by sin, God graciously keeps people from being as bad as they can be through his sustaining grace. We trust doctors, bus drivers, construction workers, and others to do what they do well.

    We can also appreciate systems that reward trustworthiness. Christ holds all things together Colossians Paul even notes many of the Greeks understood how much the world depends on a creator Acts We make our plans and do our work each day. We relate to others and thank them for their work.

    These are all good things, but all good things find their ultimate value in God.

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    Tragedies in the world, both natural and human evils, should cause us to thank God for sustaining us. Fourth, sorrow and tragedies in the world should remind us that we Christians have hope beyond this world in the coming renewal of all things. Paul reminds the Romans that the present sufferings in this world are minute in comparison to the glory that is to be revealed when all things are renewed Romans —

    Truths Of Human Nature Truths Of Human Nature
    Truths Of Human Nature Truths Of Human Nature
    Truths Of Human Nature Truths Of Human Nature
    Truths Of Human Nature Truths Of Human Nature
    Truths Of Human Nature Truths Of Human Nature
    Truths Of Human Nature Truths Of Human Nature
    Truths Of Human Nature Truths Of Human Nature
    Truths Of Human Nature Truths Of Human Nature

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