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With a long suspect list, a fairly indifferent police force, and the welfare of some of the clinic's youthful charges on the line, Tom himself must sort out the murder before an innocent takes the fall for this very unusual crime. Book ten in the Tom and Scott series. Chicago area high school teacher Tom Mason and his lover, professional baseball player Scott Carpenter have had a taxing year. After publicly coming out, Scott and Tom have had to deal with a firestorm of publicity, a major loss of privacy, a great outpouring of support and an equal number of cranks. Now, finally, they are going to do something that they've always wanted - get married in a service before their family and close friends.

Despite the potential problems of such of an event, the ceremony comes off with nary a hitch. With the reception in full swing - with a guest list ranging from long-time family friends and co-workers to the cream of the social elite - Tom stumbles upon the corpse of the murdered ex-boyfriend in the bathroom. He's an old flame of Tom's who told him the last time he saw him that he, Tom, "Wasn't worth the trouble," of getting together with ever again.

In addition to casting a ghastly pall across the proceedings, it puts Tom in the awkward position of being the prime suspect in the murder.

If he's ever going to get to go on his long-planned honeymoon, Tom is going to have to uncover the truth behind the murder of this unwanted guest. Book nine in the Tom and Scott series. A series of three bombs destroy a local health clinic, killing many and injuring many others including high school teacher and clinic volunteer Tom Mason. While Tom is hospitalized, his lover, professional baseball player Scott Carpenter, begins to believe that Tom may have been the intended victim of the bombing. The third bomb was wired to Tom's truck, and Scott is receiving threatening letters saying that he's next.

With a long suspect list and a mounting death toll, Scott must find the killer before the killer finds them. Book eight in the Tom and Scott series. The last thing that gay high school teacher Tom Mason needs in the new school year is turmoil. But a conservative parents' group, 'worried' about gay teachers corrupting the students, is attempting to take over the PTA.

And it soon gets worse, one of the ringleaders of the parents' group is murdered in the high school after a very contentious PTA meeting, and Tom's best friend is arrested for the crime. Now to prove her innocence, Tom must hunt down the real killer. Book seven in the Tom and Scott series. Scott Carpenter, Chicago baseball player, and his lover, Tom Mason rush to rural Georgia to be by the side of Scott's father, who has just been stricken by a heart attack.

There the two proud, openly gay men face the prejudice that too often exists in that part of the country.

Once there, they discover that the locals are none too pleased to have them around. To make matters worse, the local sheriff turns up dead, in the back of their rental car, and the local officials can't imagine anyone they'd rather convict of the crime than the two of them Book six in the Tom and Scott series. Tom Mason and his lover, professional baseball player Scott Carpenter, find the body of Scott's former teammate in their condominium, forcing them into a deadly game of hide and seek.

Book five in the Tom and Scott series. When schoolteacher Tom Mason is accused of killing the high school principal, Tom and his lover, Scott Carpenter, set out to catch the murderer and prove Tom's innocence. Book four in the Tom and Scott series. Someone has brutally murdered a kind and gentle priest who has been a great help to the gay community. Father Sebastian, the only good priest everybody knows, is dead. Pastor of a parish, Father Sebastian was also involved in the gay community through his work with Faith, the gay Catholic organization the diocese is trying to drive out of the church.

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High school teacher Tom Mason, who has gained some local notoriety from his involvement in a couple of murder cases, is asked by friends to look into the priest's death; was it murder? Along with his lover Scott Carpenter, a professional baseball player, Tom plunges into ecclesiastical intrigues, the hidden underground of gay Chicago and the tragedies caused by a hypocritical church.

Book three in the Tom and Scott series. One would think teaching would be a quiet profession. But not in the Chicago suburbs. His mother thereafter keeps a closer watch upon him. One day, he accompanies her to the field to milk the cows. He sits under a thistle, but a red cow swallows him.

The cow is given a laxative and Tom passes from her in a "cowturd. Another day, he accompanies his father for the seed sowing and rides in the horse 's ear. Tom is set down in the field to play the scarecrow , but a raven carries him away.

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His parents search for him, but are unable to find him. The raven drops Tom at the castle of a giant. The cruel giant swallows the tiny boy like a pill.

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Tom thrashes about so much in the giant's stomach that he is vomited into the sea. There, he is eaten once more by a fish which is caught for King Arthur's supper.

The cook is astonished to see the little man emerge from the fish. Tom then becomes King Arthur's Dwarf.

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Tom becomes a favorite at King Arthur's royal court , especially among the ladies. There is revelry; Tom joins the jousting and dances in the palm of a Maid of Honour. He goes home briefly to see his parents, taking some money from the treasury with the king's permission, then returns to court. The Queene of Fayres finds him asleep on a rose and leaves him several gifts: an enchanted hat of knowledge, a ring of invisibility, a shape-changing girdle, and shoes to take him anywhere in a moment. Tom falls seriously ill when a lady blows her nose, but is cured by the physician to King Twaddell of the Pygmies.

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He takes a ride in his walnut shell coach and meets Garagantua. Each boasts of his many powers.

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  • Tom is Dead.

When Garagantua threatens to harm Tom, he is cast under an enchantment and Tom hurries home to safety. King Arthur listens with amazement to Tom's many adventures. Richard Johnson's narrative ends here, but he promised his readers a sequel that has never been found, if published at all. In , a metrical version in three parts was published that continues Tom's adventures. Other versions paint a different picture to Tom's end. Dinah Mulock continued the tale and noted that Tom exhausted himself with jousting but recovered in Fairyland.

When he returned to Arthur's court, he accidentally landed in a bowl of the king's frumenty. Tom enrages the cook and is threatened with beheading. He seeks refuge in the mouth of a passing slack-jawed miller. Sensing tiny voices and movements within him, the man believes he is possessed. He yawns and Tom emerges, but the Miller is so angry he tosses Tom into a river where he is swallowed by a salmon.

The fish is caught, taken to the King's kitchen, and Tom is found and kept in a mousetrap until King Arthur forgives him. The court goes hunting and Tom joins them upon his steed, a mouse. A cat catches the mouse and Tom is injured. He is carried to Fairyland where he recovers and dwells for several years. When he returns to court, King Thunston now reigns.

Charmed by the little man, the king gives Tom a tiny coach pulled by six mice. This makes the queen jealous as she received no such gifts and she frames Tom with being insolent to her.

Tom is Dead Tom is Dead
Tom is Dead Tom is Dead
Tom is Dead Tom is Dead
Tom is Dead Tom is Dead
Tom is Dead Tom is Dead
Tom is Dead Tom is Dead
Tom is Dead Tom is Dead
Tom is Dead Tom is Dead
Tom is Dead

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