The Butterfly Isles

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    The Butterfly Isles : A Summer In Search Of Our Emperors And Admirals

    Project Gutenberg updates its listing of IP addresses approximately monthly. The Naathi worship a single deity called the Lord of Harmony, who created the entire universe and everything in it.

    Due to their religious beliefs the Naathi do not harm any living thing, refusing to eat the flesh of animals and abstaining from violence and martial endeavors. As a result the Naathi are vegetarians - their main diet consisting of fruit - and their main recreational activity is the making of music.

    'Butterfly Isles' author scoops environmental award

    The Naathi religion is so utterly devoted to pacifism that they will refuse to engage violence even to defend themselves from direct bodily harm. The sourcebook also mentions that because the island's climate is very conducive to insect life, Naath was once a major exporter of silk from silkworms to both sides of the Narrow Sea. Naathi silk was often found in the markets of King's Landing , Oldtown , and the Free Cities , along with spiced wines and various handicrafts they also produced. Unfortunately, because of their tranquil nature, the peaceful Naathi are a favored target for slavers.

    The slavers were always a problem, but after the Doom of Valyria , with no Valyrian fleets to control the seas, the slaving raids drastically increased and devastated Naath.

    The Butterfly Isles a Summer in Search of Our Emperors and Admirals Patrick Barkham

    The island's silk industry was mostly destroyed as the inhabitants fled to the hills of the interior, and Naathi exports are now a rare sight in foreign markets. A large species of butterfly on Naath is a carrier for a horrific disease that makes the flesh literally slough off of a man's bones, but the Naathi themselves are immune to it. For centuries, would-be foreign invaders would end up succumbing to the "butterfly fever", and the Naathi say none maintained a presence on the island for more than a single year.

    It also deterred slavers for generations. However, slavers eventually realized that if they only stayed on the island for a few hours in quick raids and then departed with captives, they would not contract the disease - and better still if they attacked only at night, because the butterflies are only active during the daylight hours.

    -WHY YOUR KIDNEY?- Mermaid Isle ep.1

    Naath has still technically never been "conquered" by outside forces due to fear of staying too long and catching the butterfly fever, but otherwise the island's society has been severely damaged by frequent slaver raids. In Season 7 episode " The Spoils of War ", Missandei states that marriage isn't practiced in Naath, thus the concept of bastardy doesn't exist in the island. So far, there hasn't been a hint of this cultural trait existing in the novels - no married people have been mentioned from Naath, but it has never been stated that marriage doesn't exist.

    In contrast, marriage is mentioned as existing in the Summer Islands though what specific customs this entails are unknown. Sign In Don't have an account?

    An ‘insane’ 17th-century lepidopterist?

    Start a Wiki. Missandei : " I am from an island called Naath I was five years old. How white the beaches were, how tall the trees.

    And I remember my village burning, smoke rising into the sky. Contents [ show ]. Grey Worm : " Do you want to grow old in this place?

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    Is there nothing else you want to do? Nothing else you want to see? I'd like to see the beaches again. We cannot protect ourselves.

    The Butterfly Isles
    The Butterfly Isles
    The Butterfly Isles
    The Butterfly Isles
    The Butterfly Isles
    The Butterfly Isles
    The Butterfly Isles

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