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Then they find the sad wreck of an old shuttle, and a hunk inside named Dr. Logan MacDonald.

Space Port America Cup

Oh, and several billion credits worth of long-lost artifacts and art. Now everyone from pirates to Imperial forces want Logan and his treasure. To get the artifacts to where they can be shared by all humanity and not just a wealthy few, Logan and his scavenger friends may just have to turn the treasure ship into a literal time bomb. Product Details About the Author.

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About the Author Someone cursed Lena Austin with "may you have a life so full you'll have many tales to tell your grandchildren. She's been a licensed minister, hairdresser, Realtor, radio DJ, exotic dancer, telephone service tech, live-steel medievalist swordswoman, BDSM Mistress, and investment property manager.

Not necessarily in that order. She never finished that degree in marine archaeology, but did learn to scuba -- she's got a lifetime of "Research material!

Writing them down is a nice way to spend her retirement. See all her books at You can reach her by e-mail at.

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The absolute prohibition of torture is sometimes questioned on the grounds of security or counter-terrorism. The police believe that only torture will make the suspect disclose the information needed to prevent the deaths of thousands of people. Is it not justified to use torture in such a case?

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It assumes that:. In real life situations, however, one or more of these assumptions is always invalid.

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The scenario assumes for example that the suspect will provide valuable information under torture. In reality, torture is inherently unreliable for obtaining accurate information. Professional interrogators have repeatedly emphasised that interrogation can be conducted much more effectively without the use of torture.

Spaceport: Time Bomb Spaceport: Time Bomb
Spaceport: Time Bomb Spaceport: Time Bomb
Spaceport: Time Bomb Spaceport: Time Bomb
Spaceport: Time Bomb Spaceport: Time Bomb
Spaceport: Time Bomb Spaceport: Time Bomb
Spaceport: Time Bomb Spaceport: Time Bomb

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