Nexus to Neverness (Western Spheres Trilogy Book 2)

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Summary Bibliography: Faren Miller

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Mosasauria mandibulo-auricularis worky barebacked gleamy P. Professor Gee wanted them to begin as something quite far removed from humanity to give them a head start on their journey into alienness, and he was delighted with my suggestion. As well as their magnified size there were many other differences. They were built for other things than catching flies. There were six units. They were waist-high with eight tapering legs, and four unblinking eyes mounted on the front of a body that was all brain — in which the time bomb of accelerated evolution was ticking away.

The two pairs of eyes between them gave the units a view of the world from the infra-red to the far ultra-violet. Both the legs and a pair of pedipalps beneath the eyes where the mouth would have been had they needed mouths were provided with tactile sensors. O n their second day of free life I was walking from my bungalow to the lab, smelling the Pacific Ocean on the breeze and thinking of my octopus, when I saw someone running, pursued by one of the units.

I hesitated for a moment, then ran after them, between the main buildings and into a dead end. The running man I recognized as one of the marine biologists. When I caught up with him he was trying to climb a blank wall. Perhaps you could explain. He had to be taken off the Island to hospital March-April 19 in Australia, and never came back. After all, how many people really take arachnophobia seriously?

A few other people expressed doubts about having six giant spiders loose on the Island, but soon got used to them. The units bothered no one. At first they com- municated with each other in English, but that rapidly changed and they began to make a high speed clutter- ing noise. We thought something had gone wrong, but when recorded and slowed down, the chittering showed systematic patterns of frequency change.

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Pro- fessor Gee was so happy that his coolness began to crack a little. The new language was our first observ- able sign that the evolutionary process was working. They continued to use human language when forced to communicate with us, but only reluctantly. Professor Gee became engrossed in making observa- tions during the day and at night in trying to decode their new language, without notable success.

The units asked for, and got, their own lab, com- plete with technician. I visited it now and then but could never quite make out what they were doing.

They had acquired a lot of equipment and were busy with it day and night. Whatever they were up to, it was expensive. As the end of the tax year neared, we all started making plans for disposal of the yearly underspend. The units had taken up the slack. I had always been rather detached from the project, seeing it just as a way into the Grove, but now some- thing was really happening. I visited the lab again. I tried to develop a relationship with Three, to gain its confidence.

Three always seemed more tolerant of human beings than the others, perhaps because of its early experience with irrational human fear. Even so, it often told me to mind my own business. When I said I was, it would just walk away. I gave up for a while, but a few weeks later, I fol- lowed Three up there again. As we went in through the door, the lab technician tried to make a break for it.

Three tripped him up and pinned him to the floor while it secured the door with a free leg.

Nexus to Neverness

The techni- cian I tried to remember his name had all his hair shaved off. There were some rather large gaps in the literature. I thought that was what he was for. I mean, he looks, er, worn out. I could see about getting you a fresh one. They were only doing what they were supposed to, after 20 March-April all.

Three agreed quite casually and let the man go. I unlocked the door and he fled. W e tried to question the technician that night, but he remained mute. What had begun as a meeting of those involved with the project turned into a general meeting as the rumours spread.

As the night wore on and a storm blew in, whipping the palm trees into a frenzy, the majority feeling grew into a vote to temporarily suspend the project by shut- ting down the experimental units. Professor Gee regarded his colleagues sadly. Perhaps his distress comes from a lack of understanding. The technician was shipped home with a large compensatory payment, and the Institute settled uneasily back to work. Professor Gee spent sixteen hours a day for the next few weeks with his nervous system wired into a bat- tery of instruments while trying to perform increas- ingly impossible, and incomprehensible, tasks.

Always it seemed to me that the units were most interested in his reactions on both sides of the point where performance broke down. The Professor was dedicated, beyond his breaking point, but that was not enough.

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Three told me they wanted more subjects and at the next meeting of staff after giving my report I had to request volunteers. Unsurprisingly, there were none. Instead there was another unanimous vote for the suspension of the pro- ject. It was not well received when I admitted that the units could not be shut down.

An action commit- tee was formed and I was voted on to it against my will, even though no one was too pleased with me. I suppose they thought I knew the most about the units , next to Professor Gee. I did not say that I thought by now we knew nothing worthwhile about them. I walked back to the bungalow alone.

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On the veran- dah the Institute Accountant was waiting for me, try- ing to make friends with my artificial cat. He grinned nervously and handed me an envelope. Everyone else is getting a similar letter tomorrow morning. The Institute runs on a set of economic rules and your little, er, spider friends really know how to use them. They had negotiated research contracts in several different areas with the Australian, Japanese and American governments. I sat down next to the cat. There was a scuffling in the bushes and she sprang up to continue her depredations on the rodent popu- lation, leaving me to consider my own question.

A small riot broke out the following morning when one of the units strolled out alone to get. When I heard, I had to see if any- thing was salvageable. It was Six. Delicate legs lay scattered and broken, and the body was mangled beyond repair, gazing at the sky, its eyes cobwebbed with fine cracks. I began to cry, not for Six, but for myself.

Those involved in the attack lost their severance pay and the rest of us were shipped off to Australia within a week.

Nexus to Neverness (Western Spheres Trilogy Book 2) Nexus to Neverness (Western Spheres Trilogy Book 2)
Nexus to Neverness (Western Spheres Trilogy Book 2) Nexus to Neverness (Western Spheres Trilogy Book 2)
Nexus to Neverness (Western Spheres Trilogy Book 2) Nexus to Neverness (Western Spheres Trilogy Book 2)
Nexus to Neverness (Western Spheres Trilogy Book 2) Nexus to Neverness (Western Spheres Trilogy Book 2)
Nexus to Neverness (Western Spheres Trilogy Book 2) Nexus to Neverness (Western Spheres Trilogy Book 2)

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