Managing Your Career in the Health Care Industry (Ferguson Career Coach)

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Each video discusses several clear points that viewers can put to use while planning their career or searching for a job. Here is a recap of some of the content updates made so far this year. Conversational and informative, the videos present crucial concepts and techniques in language accessible to users of all experience levels. Surveys by the National Association of Colleges and Employers have identified key skills areas ranked most important by employers.

The new videos include ones on FBI agents, marketing managers, pediatricians, and real estate developers. The interviewees hail from a range of locations all over the country and include a mix of seasoned pros and younger workers. The segments in each video are conveniently listed to the right of the video player, making it easy to go directly to a specific part of the video.

Or that the best way to start off a networking conversation is by letting the person know you are looking for a job? Networking plays an important role in job searching yet many myths abound that keep people from making the effective connections that can significantly increase their chances of getting a job. Recent studies have shown that job seekers who are referred are three to four times more likely to be hired some studies even found referrals to be 14 times more likely to get the job!

The 12 articles, written by Miriam Salpeter, an expert in networking and social media job-search practices, are straightforward and substantial, authoritative and accessible, and full of valuable tips that can readily be put into action. Request a Free Trial Subscriber Access.

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For pricing or more information, email SchoolOnline infobase. It's critically important that I'm not seen as a perfect model of a human being with my own life all sorted out so be ready to accept some coach imperfections and vulnerabilities. The benefit of knowing this is that we can learn to move together to develop a creative approach to dealing with sticky life issues rather than me or you thinking I always know what is best. Working together you'll discover that the opportunity to change and grow is ever present and this works both ways. As an Integral Coach I will work with you as a whole and complete human being.

This will involve us exploring every domain of your life — your thinking patterns, your body and behaviours, your relationship with yourself and others, and your environments at home and work. The purpose of the coaching is to build resilience and stability, while unlocking the potential of your inner unique qualities to shine. The program design, with its practices, observations and reflections alongside my deep layers of compassionate insight will help you develop skills that will support you for a lifetime and will open the door to fresh perspectives.

I've been on the receiving end of Integral Coaching and it has transformed my life. Now it's my opportunity to reach out to You! Rebecca coaches leaders in high tech, where intelligent products and people touch and transform humanity. She leverages her own experience as a founder and entrepreneur, leader in product and software development, and digital media maven paired with Zen and self-awareness practice.

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She is a co-founder of Mode Media, which grew to the 1 lifestyle digital media company in the U. Prior to Mode she founded a non-profit for underprivileged youth, worked on product strategy at Oracle and training and consulting at Accenture. My work has been focused on building strong communities based on trust and collaboration. I've been building networks for social impact around the world and have worked with entrepreneurs and innovators of all ages, ranging from young people to business executives. Throughout my tenure in the field I worked extensively with individuals to support them in their own learning journey as changemakers and innovators in their respective field.

My coaching approach is focused in integral coaching. Integral coaching is an ongoing, evolving methodology intended to be the most comprehensive response to human life. My practice gathers wisdom from the East, the West and current new discoveries in science and other disciplines. I'm committed in helping my clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back both in their professional and personal life.

Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. Executive coaching helps leaders and high performing teams, develop and grow, especially during challenging times such as change. I am a certified Integral Coach, and my clients include professionals in the finance, beauty and design industries. She is widely regarded as an insightful collaborator and partner with a holistic approach that encompasses people leaders and teams , organizational structures and development initiatives that produces results. She offers practical action steps that enables growth - personal and as a team - and prepares you for future business challenges.

As an integral coach and leadership facilitator, Ritu leverages her global perspective, multinational experience, business acumen and intuition to guide and support clients to actualize their desired intentions and lead with effectiveness and impact. She creates an environment that deepens self-awareness and facilitates sustainable change.

She helps clients discover and identify all that is within them, work with long-standing patterns while building the ability to move in new directions, possibilities and ideas. This enables not only change in behavior but also creates the mindset needed to sustain that change. Thus, the change endures over time, beyond the term of a coaching contract. She partners, guides, challenges and supports leaders to:. I create safe spaces for clients to embody self-acceptance and authenticity as they courageously build lives based on their personal values and commitments.

Let's begin a conversation. Iwasaki is the president and a senior surgeon at Anshin Hospital, an Orthopaedic specialty hospital in Kobe, Japan. Besides a medical practitioner, Dr.

Iwasaki served as an adjunct professor for a healthcare MBA course at Osaka City University between and , and onward. His research interests include advocacy marketing in healthcare organizations and decision-making processes of surgeons. In belief that inner and outer landscapes are one, she is committed to helping social and environmental innovators and teams become more resourced at protecting people and nature.

Her coaching approach supports clients in developing emotional, conversational and relational capacity to bring their vision and grounded leadership more fully into the world. Her experience facilitating cross-sectoral leadership networks enables her to support teams towards clarity of purpose, trust-based partnership and generous collaboration. She currently works at The Nature Conservancy, strengthening leadership networks around community-based conservation, and serves as mentor in the Byron Fellowship.

Having lived in Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Canada and the United States, her strong multicultural background supports her coaching and leadership style, which is constantly enriched by her commitment to diversity. Mariana nourishes her inner landscapes by practicing meditation, swimming and yoga, by reading novels and by resting into the beauty and restoration of nature.

She explores and communicates her vision of wholeness through stories that can help communities deepen into acceptance of things as they are and open into a collective vision of the things they desire. After a fascinating decade working across a range of roles in UK Government, I left the Civil Service to focus on what I care most about, supporting development in people. I set-up WindGather specifically with the aim of opening-up coaching and organisational development to a wider audience, making it available to all.

Katie Gay, M.

Managing Your Career in Law Enforcement Ferguson Career Coach Paperback

With over 20 years of coaching, sales, public relations and entrepreneurial experience, she successfully delivers a pragmatic approach to coaching that addresses the integration of both the professional and the personal. Katie has been coaching for close to a decade and believes that leadership is created through investing in change and growth.

Her role as a change agent helps her clients break through barriers and realize their full potential. She addresses the importance of interpersonal skills and quality relationships and is known for helping clients gain vision, alignment and clarity towards their intended outcomes. Known for her engaging style, focused guidance and curious exploration, Katie customizes her coaching sessions to address desired areas for growth such as leadership, communication, inter-personal issues, executive presence, career transitions and work-life balance.

She earned her M. Katie is married and currently navigating life with two teenagers. She loves to play tennis and hike with her two rescue dogs. I am a space holder for inner growth and development, and am there for people and teams to access their full potential. I have gone through a major personal inner journey myself, which has enabled me to access the capacity to be there and hold the space for people in transition and in need. I have more than 20 years experience in different leadership positions within multinational companies, working both with the development of individuals and teams,.

After having spent 17 years in corporate life and experienced the power of effective coaching, I have decided to focus on helping people navigate in their corporate environments, in order to unleash their potential while fulfilling deeper aspirations. I also work with students from the Management Development Institute of Singapore and young professionals through the French Chamber of Commerce to plan their careers in line with their skills and who they are.

I develop personalized programs alongside my clients and we agree on an overall purpose and a set of observable outcomes. My role is to support my clients in order for them to reach Long-term Excellence, which means that they become both self-correcting and self-generating in a way that brings fulfillment. This can only happen when people are truly seen and start to make choices according to who they deeply are. It also implies accepting that there are certain drivers in our lives that are beyond our control.

I am also the mother of four amazing boys who have somehow become my personal teachers on human development throughout the years… And as the second half of my surname suggests "Liesse" means "Joy" in ancient French , a sense of happiness is somehow what I would like to bring to my clients in both their workplace and in their lives too. Her experience in software startups and 6 years at the award-winning global design firm IDEO give her an understanding of design thinking and a variety of work cultures.

With a passion for bridging disciplines and simplifying complexity, Angella specializes in bringing mindfulness to the challenges of navigating diversity and difference.

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Hofmann Leadership Consulting is a leadership and change consultancy that partners individual leaders and leadership teams in the management of change and the alignment of their teams and organisation behind them. She coaches leaders in developing their ability to be authentic and to share their vision and goals, engage people and mobilise commitment.

She believes that through a deeper discovery of who we are in all the areas of our life and the continued unfolding of our self development we can tap into depths of joy that may not immediately be visible or experienced. In doing this, the power to unleash the potential of self and others becomes significant. A classical pianist, she enjoys playing the piano, travelling, spending time with her family at the theatre and watching a good comedy at the cinema or on TV.

She also enjoys and has come to love drawing - flowers, plants, trees - an interest she discovered whilst on her accreditation journey as an Integral Coach. This bring an attention to detail and a depth of listening and focus on the client that enables a level of connectivity and holding in conversation and being in such a way that supports her client's development and growth.

She believes that with the presence of Love and Leadership in business and in life, it's amazing what extraordinary results can be achieved. Working together in a climate of trust and respect, we shine a light in just the right place to enable subtle shifts producing powerful change. Her specialty is in helping senior leaders adapt and achieve their goals in complex, dynamic environments. Her consulting experience spans health care, financial services, public utilities, government and not-for-profit sectors, manufacturing and hospitality.

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  • Her pragmatic approach is tempered with humour and affection. She is devoted to helping leaders, teams, and organizations work together more effectively and skillfully.

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    Sahar has worked with professionals at all levels in healthcare, technology, biotechnology, and insurance and financial services become skillful listeners, powerful advocators, and inspirational leaders. Prior to starting her coaching and consulting practice, she attained a deep and rich background of over fifteen years management experience in sales and business development working with organizations in the biotech, pharmaceutical, healthcare, technology, and hospitality industries. Sahar has been a long-time student of secular spiritual traditions including The School of Practical Philosophy in California, a center of spiritual and practical knowledge and inquiry integrating universal teachings from both the East and West; the Diamond Approach, a spiritual path dedicated to the cultivation of the truth; as well as, Aletheia, a school offering a path for integral unfoldment.

    Sahar enjoys being in nature, playing piano and singing, studying Eastern and Western philosophy, hiking, art and theater, poetry, cooking and hosting dinner parties, boxing with her trainer, and dancing. She is fluent in English, Farsi and Turkish. Her upbringing and extensive world travel have cultivated and enabled cross-cultural awareness and appreciation.

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    Managing Your Career in the Health Care Industry (Ferguson Career Coach) Managing Your Career in the Health Care Industry (Ferguson Career Coach)
    Managing Your Career in the Health Care Industry (Ferguson Career Coach) Managing Your Career in the Health Care Industry (Ferguson Career Coach)
    Managing Your Career in the Health Care Industry (Ferguson Career Coach) Managing Your Career in the Health Care Industry (Ferguson Career Coach)
    Managing Your Career in the Health Care Industry (Ferguson Career Coach) Managing Your Career in the Health Care Industry (Ferguson Career Coach)
    Managing Your Career in the Health Care Industry (Ferguson Career Coach) Managing Your Career in the Health Care Industry (Ferguson Career Coach)
    Managing Your Career in the Health Care Industry (Ferguson Career Coach) Managing Your Career in the Health Care Industry (Ferguson Career Coach)
    Managing Your Career in the Health Care Industry (Ferguson Career Coach) Managing Your Career in the Health Care Industry (Ferguson Career Coach)
    Managing Your Career in the Health Care Industry (Ferguson Career Coach) Managing Your Career in the Health Care Industry (Ferguson Career Coach)
    Managing Your Career in the Health Care Industry (Ferguson Career Coach) Managing Your Career in the Health Care Industry (Ferguson Career Coach)

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