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If there'd only come a time when we'd see no yarn or rhyme 'neath the name of Oppenheim, Oppenheim, Oppenheim. It would truly be sublime, Oppenheim! Designed as centers for entertainment and moral education for the working class lowbrow , the museums were distinctly different from upper-middle class cultural events highbrow.

Wikipedia ]. This poetic cry of despair at E.

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Phillips Oppenheim's literary fecundity, written when he still had 33 years of virtually non- stop creativity ahead of him his last novel, Mr. Mirakel , was published in , hints at the problems facing the would-be bibliographer. The sheer volume of Oppenheim's output is daunting. Furthermore, the task of tracing and chronicling his works is complicated by another factor: many of his novels appeared under different titles in England and America, and many of his magazine stories were retitled some more than once when they were published in books or reprinted in other periodicals.

The present bibliography was developed in the course of a collaboration with Project Gutenberg Australia aimed at making well-formatted and, when possible, illustrated e-books of Oppenheim's complete opus available to interested readers. In the course of this collaboration resulted in the publication of well over of this author's novels and short-story collections in HTML and EPUB format. In the following years more books were added, until, in , RGL was able to offer the reader digital editions of all Oppenheim novels and story collections ever published in book form.

A useful starting point for building a half-way comprehensive Oppenheim bibliography is the list of his writings that appeared in some US editions of books published in the 's. A copy of this list is given in an appendix.

Sei mein Valentin - A German Love Song

Oppenheim wrote numerous series of interconnected short- stories. In his memoirs, The Pool of Memory , he gave the following rationale for this practice:. I suggested that I write some short stories all having to do with the same people, or having, at any rate, the same hero or heroine This was over thirty years ago, and since then the whole of my short- story fiction, with the exception of perhaps a dozen stories for the Strand and a few special commissions, has been written in this form.

The advantage to an author is apparent, for when the ten or twelve stories have run their course through a magazine or periodical, they can then be issued as a volume. Publishers have always fought shy of volumes of short stories, but it became quite a different thing when these short stories were all connected and the same hero appeared in each. Chamberlain, then Editor-in-Chief of The Cosmopolitan As a result of this technique and certain elements of internal continuity, many of the collections of Oppenheim's short stories read like novels.

While the latter is classified as a collection in the list printed by Little, Brown and Co. This bibliography is interactive in that it gives the reader direct access to digital copies of most of Oppenheim's books. In reality, this program, sold to the public as modernizing improvement, is a gradual move toward privatization of health care. It is a sneaky method of opening the whole field of public health to international financial capital investment. This gambit has not fooled ordinary people and is high on the list of complaints by the Gilets Jaunes.

The degradation of care in the public hospitals is another complaint. Those who can afford it are turning to private hospitals. Nurses are overworked and underpaid. When one hears what nurses have to endure, one is reminded that this is indeed a noble profession.

Penny Marshall was more than half of TV's "Laverne & Shirley"

In all this I was reminded of a young woman we met at a public picnic in southwestern France last summer. She cares for elderly people who live at home alone in rural areas, driving from one to another, to feed them, bathe them, offer a moment of cheerful company and understanding. She loves her vocation, loves helping old people, although it barely allows her to make a living.

She will be among those who will have to pay more to get from one patient to the next. People pay taxes willingly when they are getting something for it. But not when the things they are used to are being taken away. The tax evaders are the super-rich and the big corporations with their batteries of lawyers and safe havens, or intruders like Amazon and Google, but ordinary French people have been relatively disciplined in paying taxes in return for excellent public services: optimum health care, first class public transport, rapid and efficient postal service, free university education.

Especially when huge shopping centers drain small towns of their traditional shops. Incoherent Energy Policies.

Roy Glashan

And the tax announced by the government — an additional 6. The measures are supposed to incite people to drive less or even better, to scrap their old vehicles and buy nice new electric cars. This particular exercise goes directly opposite to an earlier government measure of social engineering which used economic incitements to get people to buy cars running on diesel. Now the government has changed its mind. Over half of personal vehicles still run on diesel, although the percentage has been dropping.

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Now their owners are told to go buy an electric car instead. Besides, the energy policy is incoherent. Without them, where would the electricity come from to run the electric cars? So what is going on? People wonder. The most promising alternative sources of energy in France are the strong tides along northern coasts. This is symptomatic of what is wrong with the current government.

Major new industrial projects are almost never profitable at first, which is why they need government support and subsidies to get going, with a view to the future. Such projects were supported under de Gaulle, raising France to the status of major industrial power, and providing unprecedented prosperity for the population as a whole. But the Macron government is not investing in the future nor doing anything to preserve industries that remain. The key French energy corporation Alstom was sold to General Electric under his watch. Rather, the benefits are earmarked to balance the budget, that is, to serve the government debt.

The Government Misses the Point. Whatever small complaints people may have, he indicated, that is nothing compared to the future of the planet. For those who enjoy excoriating the French as racist, it should be noted that Darmanin is of Algerian working class origins.

These people are wholly concerned with concrete practical issues. Not a whiff of ideology — remarkable in Paris! Some people ignorant of French history and eager to exhibit their leftist purism have suggested that the Yellow Vests are dangerously nationalistic because they occasionally wave French flags and sing La Marseillaise. That simply means that they are French. To some extent, the Yellow Vests mark a return of the people after half a century of scorn from the liberal intelligentsia. It is just a way of saying, We are the people, we do the work, and you must listen to our grievances.

This movement is not attacking anybody, it is strictly staying home. The Weakness of Macron. The Yellow Vests have made clear to the whole world that Emmanuel Macron was an artificial product sold to the electorate by an extraordinary media campaign. Macron was the rabbit magically pulled out of a top hat, sponsored by what must be called the French oligarchy. After catching the eye of established king-maker Jacques Attali, the young Macron was given a stint at the Rothschild bank where he could quickly gain a small fortune, ensuring his class loyalty to his sponsors.

He had met his wife when she was teaching his theater class, and now he gets to play President. The mission assigned to him by his sponsors was clear. Saving Europe means saving the European Union from the quagmire in which it finds itself.

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This is why cutting expenses and balancing the budget is his obsession. He was chosen by the financial oligarchy above all to save the European Union from threatening disintegration caused by the euro. The treaties establishing the EU and above all the common currency, the euro, have created an imbalance between member states that is unsustainable. The irony is that previous French governments, starting with Mitterrand, are largely responsible for this state of affairs.

In a desperate and technically ill-examined effort to keep newly unified Germany from becoming the dominant power in Europe, the French insisted on binding Germany to France by a common currency. Reluctantly, the Germans agreed to the euro — but only on German terms. The result is that Germany has become the unwilling creditor of equally unwilling EU member states, Italy, Spain, Portugal and of course, ruined Greece. The financial gap between Germany and its southern neighbors keeps expanding, which causes ill will on all sides. And that is why Macron will stop at nothing to balance the budget, to make the Germans love him.

Or are they his own people? Does Macron really care about his run of the mill compatriots who just work for a living? The consensus is that he does not. Macron is losing the support both of the people in the streets and the oligarchs who sponsored him. He is not getting the job done. But shortly after Hulot left, Collomb said he was leaving too, to go back to Lyons.

Love@Miriam: Facebook-Krimi (Edition 211) (German Edition) [email protected]: Facebook-Krimi (Edition 211) (German Edition)
Love@Miriam: Facebook-Krimi (Edition 211) (German Edition) [email protected]: Facebook-Krimi (Edition 211) (German Edition)
Love@Miriam: Facebook-Krimi (Edition 211) (German Edition) [email protected]: Facebook-Krimi (Edition 211) (German Edition)
Love@Miriam: Facebook-Krimi (Edition 211) (German Edition) [email protected]: Facebook-Krimi (Edition 211) (German Edition)
Love@Miriam: Facebook-Krimi (Edition 211) (German Edition) [email protected]: Facebook-Krimi (Edition 211) (German Edition)
Love@Miriam: Facebook-Krimi (Edition 211) (German Edition) [email protected]: Facebook-Krimi (Edition 211) (German Edition)
Love@Miriam: Facebook-Krimi (Edition 211) (German Edition) [email protected]: Facebook-Krimi (Edition 211) (German Edition)
Love@Miriam: Facebook-Krimi (Edition 211) (German Edition) [email protected]: Facebook-Krimi (Edition 211) (German Edition)

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