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Find out what sorts of permission forms would be required, whether you need a teacher sponsor, how many adult supervisors should participate, and so on.

How to Start an After-School Running Club for Kids

Kids will need to leave backpacks at school while the running club is out hitting the streets, so make sure they can re-enter to get them later. For a recess club, you'd stay on school grounds. Spread the word. Place a blurb in school or classroom newsletters and Facebook pages, send out an email to parents, whip up a quick flyer for kids' backpacks.

Set a date for your first meeting and ask interested kids and parents to come. Determine a route. If your school has a large property, or you'll be meeting during the school day, do laps around the edge. Since some kids will be faster than others, look for both a short and a long loop. Younger kids kindergarten and 1st grade can do a mile walk or run.

Kids in second grade and up can handle walking or jogging 1. Hold your first meeting.

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Distribute any permissions forms and discuss expectations for behavior. Determine whether you'll need to recruit more adult chaperones depending on the number of participating kids.

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Set a schedule for future meetings, when you'll actually run. At least once or twice a week is ideal.

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Take your first run! At the end of the season or school year, celebrate with inexpensive medals or homemade certificates of participation. Or consider awarding interim incentives, such as rubber stamps or punches on a card, or stickers. Get expert tips to help your kids stay healthy and happy. More in Fitness. Warm-Up Exercises for Kids. Continue with regular runs as weather permits. Recruit a like-minded parent or teacher to help. Everyone gets some extra exercise. Hello Everyone! Making The Change! Discover More. Did You Know.

CoderDojo: start a free coding club for kids

Be Part of Impact. We love that it teaches them entrepreneurial skills that they will certainly use in their future.

How to Start and Run a Maker Club for Kids

They have really enjoyed the class and are looking forward to taking it again. Amber has such positive, wonderful energy and the program has been great!. Jenny Walker. Watching other kids prepare and sell their products motivated him to do the same. Amber gave so many opportunities to the kids to sell their products. I think that is an important lesson for kids — Keep at it! Sujala V.


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Kids: Start a Club Kids: Start a Club
Kids: Start a Club Kids: Start a Club
Kids: Start a Club Kids: Start a Club
Kids: Start a Club Kids: Start a Club
Kids: Start a Club Kids: Start a Club
Kids: Start a Club Kids: Start a Club
Kids: Start a Club Kids: Start a Club
Kids: Start a Club Kids: Start a Club

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