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A University official from either Residence Life or Physical Plant will be present during all inspections. Students who report suspected bed bugs will be asked not to relocate to any other room until their room can be inspected by the University's exterminator. Any student who plans to sleep elsewhere is required to wash and dry whatever clothing is needed for the night. Upon doing that, the student should shower, put on clean clothes, and seal soiled clothing in a plastic bag until it can be properly washed. Students must take only clean clothing and linens to the temporary room.

This is to ensure that if there are bed bugs in the student's room, they do not travel to another room with the student. Students may not, at any time, deny the exterminator or Physical Plant staff access to their living spaces including bedrooms, common area, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Since bedbugs are treatable, Residence Life will not facilitate permanent room changes for these situations.

The exterminator will not chemically treat the room if there is no evidence of bed bugs present; however, a glue board may be installed to monitor activity. If the exterminator concludes that bed bugs are present in the residence, Physical Plant and Residence Life will provide the affected student s with a detailed list of instructions for the removal and laundering of their personal items.

The University relies on the assessment of the exterminator to identify signs of bed bugs in any residence.

Bed bugs are a serious community issue, and ALL students are expected to comply with instructions given to them once bed bugs have been confirmed within their living space. Office Email: residencelife evansville. University of Evansville. Site wide search form. Residence Life Amenities and Services. Housekeeping and Pest Control.

If a problem already has developed, though, please take the following steps: Mold and Mildew Please notify the Physical Plant at once by placing a work order through Web Advisor, or by calling Pest Control Problems If a pest problem develops in your residence, please immediately notify the Physical Plant by placing a work order through Web Advisor, or by calling Kitchen Make sure that all food items are either in sealed plastic bags or sealed in the refrigerator Remove all items from counter tops and place into sealed containers or sealed plastic bags Remove all items from inside cabinets and place into sealed plastic bags or a sealed container Remove all silverware, dishes, pots, or pans and place into sealed plastic bags or a sealed container Clean cabinets and countertops prior to treatment 2.

Bathrooms Remove all personal items especially hygiene items from the sink top and vanity cabinet; place in sealed container or sealed plastic bag. Clothing Remove all items stored on floor of closet dirty laundry, etc. After a Pest Control Visit Once the material applied has dried, it is safe to come into contact with treated areas.

The sponge or dishtowel used to wipe down these areas should be disposed of or thoroughly laundered after use DO NOT wipe out the cabinets or silverware drawer. Clean shelf paper should be placed or replaced in cabinets containing glasses, bowls, plates, etc. Here are the steps to follow if you suspect bed bugs: 1. Pest Control Services.

Facade Care Service. Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services. Housekeeping And Pest Control Services. Ask for Details. Washrooms are considered the indication of overall upkeep of any property.

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But what if despite your best intentions your washroom goes dull every now and then. Get Best Quote. We have a separate team which is trained to cater to this segment. Mechanized Cleaning Services.

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Concierge Services. Pantry Services. Guest Room Management Service.

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Facade Cleaning Service. Customized Solutions. Solid Waste Management Services.

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House Keeping – Pest Control
House Keeping – Pest Control
House Keeping – Pest Control
House Keeping – Pest Control
House Keeping – Pest Control
House Keeping – Pest Control
House Keeping – Pest Control
House Keeping – Pest Control
House Keeping – Pest Control

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