Heil(ung) in den Parzivalbüchern (German Edition)

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Zu Schutt gebrannt der prangende Saal, to dust the oak tree's branching stem; struck dead was the mother's valorous form, and lost in the ruins the sister's trace: the Neidings' cruel host had dealt us this deadly blow. Unfriended fled my father with me; many years the stripling lived on with Wolfe in woodlands wild: oft beset were we by our foes; but bravely battled the Wolf-pair still. Hunding Marvels and monstrous stories tellest thou, daring guest, Wehwalt the Wolfing! Sieglinde Yet further tell us, stranger: where roams thy father now? Siegmund A fiery onset on us then did the Neidings begin: but slain by the wolves fell many a hunter, in flight through the woods, chased by their game, like chaff were scattered the foes.

But torn from my father was I; his trace I saw not though long was my seeking: in the woods a wolfskin found I alone; there, empty it lay; my father found I not. From the woods driven afar; my heart longed for men and for women. Amongst all folk, where'er I fared, if friend or wife I sought to win, still was I ever mistrusted: ill-fate lay on me. Whate'er right thing I wrought, others counted it ill; what seemed evil to me, others greeted as good. In feuds I fell wherever I dwelt, wrath met me wherever I fared; striving for gladness, woe was my lot: my name then be Wehwalt ever; for woe still waits on my steps.

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He turns his eyes to Sieglinde and notes her sympathetic look. Er sieht zu Sieglinde auf und gewahrt ihren theil- nehmenden Blick. Hunding She who cast thee fate so forlorn, the Norn then loved thee not: gladly greets thee no man to whom as guest thou com'st. Sieglinde Craven hearts only fear a weaponless, lonely man! Tell us yet, guest, how in the fight at last thy weapon was lost? Siegmund A sorrowful child cried for my help: her kinsmen sought to bind in wedlock unloved, a man with the maid.

Help against wrong gladly I gave, her ruthless clan met me in fight: before me foe-men fell. Struck down and dead lay her brothers: her arms round their bodies she clasped, her grief had banished her wrath. From wildly streaming eyes she bathed the dead with her tears; for her brothers in battle slain lamented the ill -fated bride. Then the host of kinsmen surged like a storm; full of fury, vengeance they vowed on me: ever new foe-men rose to assail me. But from the place ne'er moved the maid; my shield and spear sheltered her long, till spear and shield were hewn from my hand.

Wounded, weaponless stood I; death I saw take the maid: I fled from the furious host; lifeless lay she on the dead. He stands up and walks to the hearth. Sieglinde looks on the ground pale and deeply moved.

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Hunding rises I know a riotous race; not holy it holds what men revere: 'tis hated by all and by me. For vengeance forth was I summoned, payment to win me for kinsmen's blood: too late came I, and now return home, the flying outcast's trace to find again in my house. He comes down. With anxious gestures Sieglinde steps between the two men. My night-draught set me within, and wait thou there for me.

Sieglinde stands a while undecided and thought- ful. She turns slowly and with hesitation steps toward the storeroom. There she again pauses and remains standing, lost in thought, with half-averted face. With quiet resolution she opens the cupboard, fills a drinking horn, and shakes some spices into it from a box. She then turns her eyes on Siegmund so as to meet his gaze which he keeps unceasingly fixed on her.

PDF Heil(ung) in den Parzivalbüchern (German Edition)

She perceives Hunding watching them and turns immediately to the bedchamber. On the steps she turns once more, looks yearningly at Siegmund andindicates with her eyes, persistently and with eloquest earnestness, a particular spot in the ash tree's stem. Hunding starts and drives her with a violent gesture from the room. With a last look at Siegmund, she goes into the bed chamb er and closes the door after her. Er steht auf, und schreitet auf den Herd zu. Er geht herab. Sieglinde steht eine Weile unentschieden und sinnend.

Auf den Stufen kehrt sie sich noch einmal um, heftet das Auge sehnsuchtsvollauf Siegmund, und deutet mit ihrem Blicke an- dauernd und mit sprechender Bestimmtheit auf eine Stelle am Eschenstamme. Going, he turns to Siegmund. He goes into the chamber; the closing of the bolt is heard from within.

Im Abgehen sich zu Siegmund wendend. Scene Three Siegmund alone.

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It has become quite dark. The hall is only lighted by a dull fire on the hearth. Siegmund sinks on a bench by the fire and broods silently for some time in great agitation.

Siegmund A sword, my father foretold me, should serve me in sorest need. Swordless I come to my foe-man's house; as a hostage here helpless I lie: a wife saw I, wondrous and fair, and blissful tremors seized my heart. The woman who holds me chained, who with sweet enchantment wounds, in thrall is held by the man who mocks his weaponless foe. Where is thy sword? The trusty sword, that in fight shall serve me, when from my bosom outbreaks the fury my heart now bears? The fire falls together. From the flame which springs up a bright light strikes on the spot in the ash stem indicated by Sieglinde's look, on which a sword hilt is now clearly seen.

Dritte Scene Siegmund allein. Wo ist dein Schwert? What gleameth there from out the gloom? What a beam breaks from the ash tree's stem! The sightless eye beholdeth a flash: gay as laughter its light! How the glorious gleam doth pierce my heart! Is it the glance of the woman so fair that there clinging behind her she left as from the hall she passed? The fire now gradually sinks. Darkening shadow covered mine eyes, but her glance's beam fell on me then: bringing me warmth and day.

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Blessing came with the sun's bright rays; the gladdening splendor encircled my head, till behind mountains it sank. Another faint gleam from the fire. Once more, ere day went hence, fell a gleam on me here; e'en the ancient ash tree's stem shone forth with a golden glow: now pales the splendor, the light dies out; darkening shadow gathers around me: deep in my breast alone yet glimmers a dim, dying glow.

The fire is quite extinguished: complete darkness. The door at the side opens softly. Sieglinde, in a white garment, comes out and advances lightly but quickly toward the hearth. Sieglinde Sleep'st thou, guest? Siegmund in joyful surprise Who whispers there? Wie der Schein so hehr das Herz mir sengt! Ein neuer schwacher Aufschein des Feuers. Sieglinde with furtive haste It is I: list to my words! In deepest sleep lies Hunding; o'ercome by a slumberous draught: now, in the night, save thy life! Siegmund interrupting her passionately Thy coming is life!

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Sieglinde A weapon let me now shew thee: o might'st thou make it thine! The first of heroes then might I call thee: to the strongest alone was it decreed. O heed thou well what I now tell thee!

Heil(ung) in den Parzivalbüchern (German Edition) Heil(ung) in den Parzivalbüchern (German Edition)
Heil(ung) in den Parzivalbüchern (German Edition) Heil(ung) in den Parzivalbüchern (German Edition)
Heil(ung) in den Parzivalbüchern (German Edition) Heil(ung) in den Parzivalbüchern (German Edition)
Heil(ung) in den Parzivalbüchern (German Edition) Heil(ung) in den Parzivalbüchern (German Edition)
Heil(ung) in den Parzivalbüchern (German Edition) Heil(ung) in den Parzivalbüchern (German Edition)
Heil(ung) in den Parzivalbüchern (German Edition) Heil(ung) in den Parzivalbüchern (German Edition)
Heil(ung) in den Parzivalbüchern (German Edition) Heil(ung) in den Parzivalbüchern (German Edition)
Heil(ung) in den Parzivalbüchern (German Edition) Heil(ung) in den Parzivalbüchern (German Edition)

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