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The University of Cologne in Germany was considering producing translations of the medical works of Moses Maimonides. The University of Cologne offered the project to Peterson, who felt the opportunity was too tremendous and timely to pass up. He jumped at the chance, and the series eagerly went to work on a new branch of the Islamic Translation Series. Peterson then remembered another group whose voices are often not heard: Arab Christians. The Christian and Islamic worlds have had interaction for centuries; even Thomas Aquinas, the great Christian philosopher and Catholic saint, was heavily influenced by Islamic thinking.

Given that Christianity originated in the Middle East, Peterson felt it was significant to include these lost voices. The Reformation of Morals was added to the series in The center digitized manuscripts and electronically preserved and recovered text from ancient documents that had been damaged.

By sending a positive message of respect, Peterson hoped the long-term effects would include friendship and appreciation on both sides.

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In June and April , those affirmative foreign relations paid off in the depths of Vatican vaults. At the time, Cassidy was the third-highest ranking person in the Vatican. During an event for the religious leaders of the area, he came into contact with V. Dallas Merrell, a member of the Area Presidency. Merrell established a solid rapport with Cassidy that led to a friendship between the two leaders, with continuing contact and some unofficial visits between Salt Lake City and Rome.

When Soro presented the project before Cardinal Cassidy, the cardinal immediately asked who the partnering force was behind his research. He related that it was the Latter-day Saints, Cassidy made an immediate association with Merrell and stated that he liked the Latter-day Saints. He granted permission to review the necessary documents, and Soro pursued his research because of this constructive relationship.


Furthermore, Collis said the work was frustrating because he was searching for a dual-language publishing format and had not been able to find anyone who did that. The coincidences continued on both sides as Collis then relayed that his work had been slowed because he needed manuscripts from the Vatican.

Collis received a digital copy to further his studies and began collaboration with the Islamic Translation Series. Later while reflecting on the incident, Peterson and Collis both felt the timing was too perfect to have been pure chance. Peterson originally perceived this series as being geared toward Westerners but soon realized another audience was extremely receptive. While their abilities may have been narrow, the series has whet their appetites for knowledge about their heritage.

Increasingly, these people have contacted Peterson with support for the series that allows them to connect with their ancestry. Positive feedback soon hailed from these non-academics as well. Peterson recalled an experience that occurred shortly after publishing the Incoherence of the Philosophers.

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My English is pretty good; my Arabic is nonexistent. Now I can read this book. Peterson became accustomed to a somewhat surprised reaction from the Islamic Diaspora that Latter-day Saints chose to publish these books. While the title created some recognition in the Middle East as a group, the general stereotype was that Latter-day Saints were exclusivists.

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Peterson refuted this idea by stating there was an inclusivist side to Latter-day Saints as well. He cited a statement from the First Presidency in in which church leaders conveyed that some truth existed in all religious traditions:. Moral truths were given to them by God to enlighten whole nations and to bring a higher level of understanding to individuals.

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Peterson feels that reciprocated tolerance of traditions will lead to healthy respect. And he hoped that at some future point, when a decision crosses the desk of a Middle-Eastern diplomat concerning Latter-day Saints, the Islamic Translation Series and the positive relationships it fostered would be remembered.

Managing editor of the series, Morgan Davis, feels that Islamic people appreciate the outreach.

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The Incoherence of the Philosophers. Translated by Michael E. Provo: Brigham Young University Press, Arabic ]. Revised second edition. The Niche of Lights. Translated by David Buchman. English ; 53 pp. The Philosophy of Illumination.

  • Selva Brasil (Portuguese Edition).
  • Divine Coincidences;
  • On the Spectrum of Possible Deaths.
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Translated by John Walbridge and Hossein Ziai. English ; pp. Decisive Treatise and Epistle Dedicatory. Translated by Charles E. English ; 42 pp. Translated by Alfred L. The Elixir of the Gnostics. Translated by William C.

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English ; 87 pp. The Metaphysics of The Healing.

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On Asthma. Translated by Gerrit Bos. Medical Aphorisms: Treatises English ; 76 pp. The Reformation of Morals. Translated by Sidney H. The series is modeled after the Loeb Classical Library published by Harvard, where any book from the ancient Greek or Roman world is available in a dual-language edition. During a visit by Elder Jeffery R.

Holland, he asked Peterson how many books he had planned to publish—giving a range of five—fifteen. He saw a complete library with all the major texts available from the Islamic tradition. Error bars show 2 standard errors. Probability distributions of the number of insertions in two rank classes, for young naive and cord-blood samples ranks on top, ranks on bottom. For high-ranking sequences, the probability of having zero insertions is high both for adult naive and cord blood samples. For middle-ranking sequences, the probability of 0 insertions is much lower, and the distributions are similar between adult naive and cord-blood samples.

Fraction of clonotypes with zero insertions for different abundance classes. We present the analysis for independently published cord blood donors and different bin sizes in S11 and S10 Figs respectively.

Lifetime of abundant in-frame TCR beta clonotypes with zero insertions. The fraction of zero-insertion clonotypes among the most abundant clonotypes in the unpartitioned repertoire as a function of age black circles is well fitted by an exponentially decaying function of time black curve.

Coincidental Repertoire Coincidental Repertoire
Coincidental Repertoire Coincidental Repertoire
Coincidental Repertoire Coincidental Repertoire
Coincidental Repertoire Coincidental Repertoire
Coincidental Repertoire Coincidental Repertoire
Coincidental Repertoire Coincidental Repertoire

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