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We will then repeat the exercise with your own experience, group insights and specific learnings available to you. This is a different way of learning than most programs you may take part in and one in which you may need to become comfortable with 'not knowing'.

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This is also congruent with the Symbolic modeling methodology. In these small groups, you'll have the opportunity to be an observer, a client, and a facilitator - giving you multiple perspectives from which to learn from. This format allows you to take away new learnings quickly and use them right away in your own work and personal life.

Born in Den Haag in , Sharon is an internationally recognized Clean Language trainer and assessor.

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With over 13 years of experience working in the nuclear industry, a degree in psychology and background in NLP, Sharon brings a broad set of skills and experiences to her training rooms. She also provides individual consultancy work and supervision for coaches and therapists. Sharon has traveled far and wide in the past ten years to bring some of the most innovative change and investigative work to the coaching and management fields. Sharon is a vibrant and engaging trainer with an amazing amount of energy. Sharon is very comfortable with non-native English speakers having taught extensively in Japan.

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Clean in Japanese. The Japanese translation of our book, 'Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds' is available, and as far as we know, this is the first Clean Japanese publication. The book can be bought from the Japanese publishers' website: www. Clean Change Company Privacy Notice. Clean Change Company. Can you give me some examples of Clean Language applications? Personal change.

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The most common application of Clean Language is in personal change work — the domain of coaches, counsellors, psychologists and psychotherapists. Information gathering. For example, Clean Language has been used by:. Market researchers. Police interviewers.

Business and systems analysts. Web developers. Try it and see for yourself. In general, you will get better results if you speak slower and show genuine curiosity about the answers. This is a conversation and it should sound like one.

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Sometimes, unpacking the first metaphor will help bring clarity around it and sometimes it will morph into one or more other metaphors. So we start by asking the first two questions repeatedly on all the things that the subject presents us with. Is there anything else about that sinking? By explicitly asking about the relationship, we can help clarify that.

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For people who are highly analytical, this will seem a strange question and yet if they seriously consider it, there will always be an answer. As our brains store memories, they are coded in a variety of ways including spacial and temporal space and time.

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There will always be a location even though hyper-analytical people may struggle to access it. It's unlikely that they aren't using any metaphors at all although it's possible that they're using very subtle ones. The good news is that this technique can be used with regular nouns and verbs as well, albeit not quite as effectively. Sometimes in a coaching conversation, the client will get stuck in their own problem.

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When this happens, we need a way to snap them back out to a more positive state. This is where the power switch is most useful. If the client couldn't get past the notion of struggling then we might ask "And when you are struggling , what would you like to have happen? Within the power switch, we can string many negative metaphors together such as "And when you are struggling and your ideas are falling on deaf ears and you feel like you're slipping on the ice , what would you like to have happen?

James Lawley and Penny Tompkins then modelled how he worked and refined it down to the core twelve questions. Judy Rees has then been making that work available to a much larger audience. Googling any of these people will give you a wealth of information.

Caitlin Walker did an excellent TEDx talk on how she discovered clean language and started to use it with troubled youth.

Clean Language At Work Clean Language At Work
Clean Language At Work Clean Language At Work
Clean Language At Work Clean Language At Work
Clean Language At Work Clean Language At Work
Clean Language At Work Clean Language At Work

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