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He began writing poetry in his teens and worked as a teacher, a librarian and a newspaper sub-editor and feature writer before arriving in Britain in In Britain he became a touring lecturer for the British Commonwealth Institute, visiting schools across the UK talking about the Caribbean and giving readings and workshops. Since then he has published poems for adults and for children of all ages, sometimes working with his wife, the poet Grace Nichols, and often with the illustrator Satoshi Kitamura as in Einstein the Girl Who Hated Maths and the The Young Inferno He has earned awards both for his own work and as an editor of collections.

Jacqueline Woodson was born in Columbus, Ohio in , and shortly thereafter moved with her mother and siblings to Greenville, South Carolina where she spent much of her early formative years in the care of her maternal grandparents. At age seven she moved to Brooklyn, New York where she has since lived. She studied at Adelphi University and at the New School in New York and then worked as an editorial assistant and drama therapist for runaway children. Though a slow reader, she began writing as a child and now has a prolific body of writing including picture books, books for middle grade readers, and especially young adult literature.

She made her debut as an author in with Last Summer With Maizon , the first book in a trilogy about a friendship between two girls. In the same year she also published The Dear One , a story about teen pregnancy. Her thirty-three books and thirteen short stories range in subjects from foster care to interracial relationships, from drug abuse to the witness protection programme, but all share the common features of lyrical language, powerful characters, and an abiding sense of hope.

It is the centrepiece of her oeuvre: her first-hand experiences of how African-Americans were treated differently in the North and South, where her own path to becoming a writer is woven in with her life experiences. Pablo Bernasconi was born in Buenos Aires in He studied graphic design and graduated from Buenos Aires University, where he later was a professor for five years. Besides his work with publishers and media, he collaborates with the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo on their graphic projects.

His favourite technique is collage and he has created text and illustrations for sixteen books and has provided the illustrations for a further twenty books.

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He has participated in several individual and group exhibitions in Argentina and abroad and has received numerous prizes. Ruben Grigoryan was born in Yerevan. He studied under P. His illustrations for children contain simple, kind, colourful and dynamic images that are, when needed, elaborately multi-layered, as in the black and white illustrations of David, Hayk and Baziliscus. He has had solo exhibitions in San Paolo in and in Yerevan in and Ann James was born in and grew up in Melbourne. She then worked as a graphic designer and illustrator of educational publications for the Ministry of Education in Victoria.

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Her first book, A Pet for Mrs Arbuckle , written by Gwenda Smyth, was published in and by she had published 14 books and was established as a freelance illustrator. In that year she and her partner Ann Haddon established Books Illustrated, a gallery promoting picture books and their creators with exhibitions in Australia and overseas. Ann James has published more than 80 books, some of which she has written and illustrated. She describes her style of illustration as character driven and spontaneous, with humour and humanity at heart.

She attended art college in St.

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After her professional training she studied at the Scuola del Libro in Urbino Italy from to and then started to work as a freelancing illustrator and graphic designer in Bruneck and Vienna. She uses mixed media methods, including drawing in charcoal or colour pencil , painting in acrylic, tea or alternative materials , spraying paint on paper, cutting out, gluing and crafting miniatures. In Wie war das am Anfang? How was it in the beginning? She has travelled widely, including extended stays in Nairobi and Teheran, describing herself as a collector of impressions.

Anne Brouillard was born in in Louvain. She trained to be an illustrator at the Saint-Luc school in Brussels.

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She is the author and illustrator of more than forty books, most of them for children. She is an artist who handles both text and illustrations with dexterity, her writing plays with the musicality of sounds, combined with a sense of graphic poetry that allows her to represent the different nuances of light: brightness of the sun in broad daylight or soft lighting of houses at dusk, but also, and perhaps most importantly, the reverberation of water. She uses a palette of colours that describe the sweetness of everyday life games in the garden, shared meals, house interiors, walks, the weather , or sometimes the strangeness of a world on the edge of the supernatural memories, dreams, unconscious.

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  • Her books also vary in style by offering selected pieces at the border between the illustration of a children's book and that of a comic strip, as well as in shape and size. She received the Versele Prize twice, in for her first book Les trois chats Three cats, and in for La terre tourne The world is spinning around, and the Golden Apple in Bratislava in for Le sourire du loup The smile of the wolf.

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    All of her works display her vast research, with methods learnt from anthropologists and her experience as a professor. She has been nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award several times, most recently in She is greatly admired for her ability to tackle and humanize tough and complex subject matter with a distinctive and evocative style. Her illustrations, while immediately accessible, leave a lasting impression through their subtle undercurrents. She has that uncanny ability to tap into her childhood dreams and imaginings, as well as into the minds of her subjects.

    Zhu Chengliang spent his childhood in Suzhou, west of Shanghai, a place of beautiful natural scenery. After completing her studies she spent three months as a guest artist at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio. In she attended the master workshop of the renowned Polish illustrator Jozef Wilkon in Saremede, Italy.

    She published her first book A Special Day at the age of 18 and since then she has illustrated over picture books, books and school textbooks as well as greeting cards and posters for UNICEF, as well as cards, puzzles and toys. Her specific artistic expression and stylisation is based on delicate colours and harmonious coordination of soft, subtle forms, as seen in the illustrations for the story, Halugica by Vladimir Nazor, which was selected for the IBBY Honour List. In her picture book Bao baobab i mala Kibibi Bao the Baobab and Little Kibibi won the Ovca u kutiji , literary-art award for best Croatian picture book.

    Her work as an activist for Earthwatch Institute, an organization devoted to the protection of nature, has taken her to projects all over the world and has greatly influenced the themes of her illustrations. Born in Pafos in , Sandra Eleftheriou now lives and works in Larnaca. She studied graphic arts at the Alexander College in Cyprus, from where she graduated with an Honours diploma in Graphic Design. Since she has been working as a freelance illustrator. For her illustrations she uses mixed techniques and computer processing, striving for playful, visually complete images, while always keeping the young reader in mind.

    She has illustrated more than ninety books and has served on the panel for the National Illustration Awards in Cyprus. She has taken part in group exhibitions in Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Slovakia and is a volunteer in workshops on illustration and for the promotion of reading. Her illustrations for To mistiko tis danganas The secret of the claw, and I triss Priggipisses The three princesses, won First Prize in the CYBBY illustration contest and she won the National Award for Illustration for O aperantos kosmos tou ouranou The endless world of the sky, , a collection of short stories by Elli Peonidoiu, Ta islia ke ta strava Right and wrong, , and To sitari The wheat, She always knew she would draw and the light of sea and sky pervades her pictures.

    She studied at the Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts now the School of Design and was the first to graduate as an illustrator. In her debut years in the s, she worked in a consciously crude and awkward social-realist style. She contributed to the more poetic and fairytale-like imagery of the s, and has held her own in the postmodern and deconstructionist revival that has characterized the s and the turn of the century. Her curiosity has led her to use many techniques and visual forms and her work spans a wide range of expression. She has been nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award several times and was selected as a Finalist in Piret Raud was born in Tallinn in She studied fine arts and printmaking at the Estonian Academy of Arts and worked as an illustrator.

    Her inventive and fast-paced stories, usually for children from six to ten years old, are matched by her lively drawings. Her story Emma roosad asjad Emma loves pink, , written for a Japanese publisher, has been translated into English and Italian and was the first Estonian book in digital format. Two more recent story collections, Natuke napakad lood Slightly silly stories, and Teistmoodi printsessilood Princesses with a twist, combine short nonsense fairy tales with simple black and white drawings.

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    After graduating in , he devoted himself for a time to painting and then exclusively to illustration. He began a collaboration with Fred Bernard, creating an imaginary universe in La reine des fourmis a disparu The queen of ants has disappeared, which won several prizes including the Prix Goncourt Jeunesse in He sketches and paints each image individually, rather than sketching the whole book in advance: I begin directly with the first image of the book. I start from a white page, I draw, I sketch, and then I paint. More and more often, I start with the cover. Sometimes I need a whole month just to find the first picture.

    He received the Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters in Nikolaus Heidelbach was born in Lahnstein. He now lives in Koln as a freelance author and illustrator and is considered one of the most recognized, yet unconventional, artists in Germany.

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    His father was a realist painter and he came into contact with art at an early age. He studied German philology, art history, and theatre in Koln and Berlin. Since then he has published over 50 illustrated books for children and adults. His books have been awarded numerous prizes, and in he received the Sonderpreis der Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis for his complete work.

    He was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award. She has also received the Greek State Picture Book Award twice, in for Oi kaloi kai oi kakoi peirates Good and bad pirates by Antonius Papatheodoulou, which also was included in the White Ravens selection, and in for The magic world of Frederico by Trivizas. She has worked in schools teaching art and organised art workshops for children. She worked as an art director for ten years at an advertising agency in Budapest while she was involved in several group and individual exhibitions.

    Fresh ink! Humour, innovation, playfulness and experimentation characterize her work. Farshid Shafiei was born in , the fourth of five children, in Teheran. As a child he lived in his dreams and was fascinated by the work of his father who was an accomplished tailor. In he was accepted at the Islamic Azad University to study graphic design. He developed a preference for painting and illustration and tradition of Iranian narrative poetry. His illustrations mix several media, painting and fine art as well as animation and graphics. During his twenty years of professional activity, Farshid Shafiei has created more than sixty books, which have won many national and international awards, including a Golden Apple at the BIB in and White Ravens selection in Another work, Pir-e change The old lyrist, was also received recognition in and outside Iran, including selection in the Sarmede International Exhibition of Illustrations for Children in in Italy.

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    • In addition to books, he has produced four acclaimed animation films. Born in in Dublin, she knew she wanted to be an artist from a young age. She studied design and illustration at the Dublin Institute of Technology. Since then she has written and illustrated more than 22 books. The originality of her voice and gentle sense of humour, together with her deft use of line and colour and the depth of the characters she creates, have made her a beloved illustrator in Ireland and abroad.

      She has used different mediums: delicate watercolours in The Sleeping Giant , assured pencil drawings illuminate The Long March , and luminous acrylic brushstrokes give warmth and expression to her characters in There , and I am I , while Owl Bat Bat Owl , was created using a digital painterly woodcut technique.

      Fitzpatrick treats her audience with respect in her illustrations; her perception, compassion and warmth are woven through her books. In , she contributed to We Are All Born Free a picture book depicting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was published to great acclaim and has many international editions.

      Beatrice Alemagna was born in Bologna in She began writing and illustrating at a young age; her first exhibition of illustrated tales was at Training in typography and graphic design provided the perfect structure for her highly sensitive and expressive visual language that includes improvising with oils or pastels and experimenting with tissue paper or wool. She has written and illustrated 24 books, that have been translated widely.

      Childrens Book: Little Nikolais Travel Adventure, Mexican Caribbean Childrens Book: Little Nikolais Travel Adventure, Mexican Caribbean
      Childrens Book: Little Nikolais Travel Adventure, Mexican Caribbean Childrens Book: Little Nikolais Travel Adventure, Mexican Caribbean
      Childrens Book: Little Nikolais Travel Adventure, Mexican Caribbean Childrens Book: Little Nikolais Travel Adventure, Mexican Caribbean
      Childrens Book: Little Nikolais Travel Adventure, Mexican Caribbean Childrens Book: Little Nikolais Travel Adventure, Mexican Caribbean
      Childrens Book: Little Nikolais Travel Adventure, Mexican Caribbean Childrens Book: Little Nikolais Travel Adventure, Mexican Caribbean
      Childrens Book: Little Nikolais Travel Adventure, Mexican Caribbean Childrens Book: Little Nikolais Travel Adventure, Mexican Caribbean
      Childrens Book: Little Nikolais Travel Adventure, Mexican Caribbean Childrens Book: Little Nikolais Travel Adventure, Mexican Caribbean

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