Bat Yam Moon (The Mallet Saga Book 1)

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Vanbiervliet 2 , M. Barthet 1. The rendez-vous endoscopic approach had already been described for complex stenoses as an alternative to surgery that has high morbid-mortality. They had been fasting for 3 to 18 months.

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All the procedures were performed according the anterograde retrograde approach, under anesthesia and with CO2 insufflation and X-rays guidance. All the reconstructions have been successful in one to three endoscopic sessions, using the non hydrophilic tip of a guide wire passed through a straight catheter in 5 cases and a EUS needle in only one case. The first dilation was performed with a CRE balloon mm. All the patients could eat mixed after 2 POD. There was no intra-operative or post-operative complication. Then, the patients underwent 3 to 18 dilations sessions during 1. Motomura 1 , M.

Kubokawa 1 , J. Gibo 1 , N. Kinoshita 1 , S. Osada 1 , Y. Shimokawa 1 , K. Tokumaru 1 , Y. Otsuka 1 , T. Hosokawa 1 , N. Tomoeda 1 , R. Utsunomiya 1 , T. Miyazaki 1 , K.

Miyamoto 1 , M. Oya 1. The CC was used for all steps of ESD marking, circumferential marginal incision, submucosal dissection, and hemostatic treatment.


The therapeutic efficacy and safety were assessed. The mean operating time was The rate of en-bloc resection was The R0 resection rates according to tumor size and location were The mean operating time according to tumor size and location was Perforation during ESD occurred in one case 0. Post ESD bleeding occurred in 11 cases 3. Endoscopic submucosal dissection using a novel grasping type scissors forceps. Endoscopy ; A new approach: endoscopic submucosal dissection using the clutch cutter for early stage digestive tract tumors.

Digestion Disclosure of Interest: K. China has already granted the patent. Motomura: None declared, M. Kubokawa: None declared, J.

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Gibo: None declared, N. Kinoshita: None declared, S. Osada: None declared, Y. Shimokawa: None declared, K. Tokumaru: None declared, Y. Otsuka: None declared, T. Hosokawa: None declared, N. Tomoeda: None declared, R. Utsunomiya: None declared, T. Miyazaki: None declared, K. Miyamoto: None declared, M. Oya: None declared. Roman 3 , M.

Ciocirlan 4 , F. Mion 3 , T. Ponchon 5. Contact E-mail Address: rf. But the precise technique can be refined. We developed a combined technique of water jet system for tunnelling and hook knife section for myotomy and we evaluated its results in a prospective study. The submucosal tunnel was created 12 cm over the cardia and 3 cm below, and then the endoscopic myotomy was performed using the Olympus Hook Knife by a single operator with CO2 insufflation, beginning 8 cms over the cardia and finishing 2 cms below. The clinical evaluation was realized before and then after the procedure at 1, 3, 6 and 12 months score of Eckardt, score of quality of life GIQLI.

A high-resolution manometry was realized before POEM and 3 months later to classify the achalasia classification of Chicago and to measure basal pressure and pressure of relaxation integrated PRI of the lower esophageal sphincter. The data are expressed in median extremes and compared before and later myotomie by paired t-test. No mucosal injuries were observed with the water-jet system. The average time of procedure was A pneumoperitoneum was exsufflated with a needle during the procedure in 13 cases without any visible perforation.

No sepsis was observed. Feeding was always possible with liquids at day 1. All patients noted a clinical improvement.

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Safety and effectiveness of mytomy is reinforced using these technical refinements. Kashin 1 , H. Edelsbrunner 2 , M. Machin 3 , O. Dunaeva 3 , E.

Nikonov 4 , V. Kapranov 5 , A. Rusakov 6. Contact E-mail Address: ur. Nevertheless, the application of these advanced techniques in clinical practice is difficult due to the presence of various histological changes of gastric mucosa with different modifications of microvascular and microsurface patterns. All images were classified into three classes: oval 13 images , tubular 31 images , and destroyed with vessel network 34 images.

Initially we divided images of every class into two sets — training set and test set. Then we selected uniformly distributed random points with fixed density one random point for every pixels at every picture, which were analyzed by extracting topological features for building the classifier. Training set images were used for classifier training with Adaboost algorithm and testing set images of each group were utilized for testing with previously trained classifier.

We repeated the procedure described above for the estimation of classifier quality. In 14 images The combination of topological features analyzed with Adaboost algorithm allowed for creating and effective training of computer-aided classifier of endoscopic magnification images of gastric lesions.

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  4. Labyrinth Books.
  5. Chotto Shiritai Ero Jitsuwa Soukan Gou (Japanese Edition).

Kashin 1 , E. Nikonov 2 , A. Nadezhin 3. Although current imaging technologies, such as narrow-band imaging NBI and high-magnification endoscopy, allow enhanced visualization of gastric mucosa, their application is still limited due to low contrast and brightness of endoscopic view and complexity of usage. Newly developed NBI system with dual focus DF magnification might be a promising tool to overcome this challenge.

A total of 43 patients mean age Biopsies were taken from all lesions for histological assessment. Endoscopic histology prediction was successful in 88 cases Dual focus magnification provides sufficient assessment of microvascular and microsurface patterns in order to differentiate gastric lesions. Further randomized controlled studies are needed to be performed for clarifying the role of novel endoscopic system in diagnosis of gastric pathology. Anant 1 , H.

Jerome 1 , N. Stephane 2 , S. Michel 1. Hence, endoscopic surveillance is justified to detect early lesions accessible to endoscopic treatment. However, the relocalisation of lesions detected by biopsies may be difficult during follow-up endoscopies. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the prototype of a magnetic probe for accurate location of the position of the endoscope, allowing the relocalisation of this position in a subsequent endoscopy.

We report the results of a feasibility study in pigs and the use of this device in two patients with BE. The EM probe is inserted through the operating channel of a double channel gastroscope. The EM field generator is positioned on the patient's chest wall.

Bat Yam Moon (The Mallet Saga Book 1)
Bat Yam Moon (The Mallet Saga Book 1)
Bat Yam Moon (The Mallet Saga Book 1)
Bat Yam Moon (The Mallet Saga Book 1)
Bat Yam Moon (The Mallet Saga Book 1)

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